About Us

LookUp™ is a free online advertisement portal and social-enterprise platform that brings empowered consumers, business owners of all sizes, partners, business professional and aspiring entrepreneurs in a single place.

With LookUp™, you can search, buy and sell products, cars, houses, electornic gadgets and other properties, promote businesses and services, finding available jobs and job seekers, hotels & restaurants, travel agencies, leisure and attractions, tickets and events and more features to be added soon; easily stay connected to customers; collaborate with other business owners and professionals making marketplace a better place.

Our Vision

To build an infrastructure of commerce for every Filipino, harnessing the power of technology to bring Filipino products to the global marketplace, create more jobs, and inspire more people to become entrepreneurs that will create socio-economic impact to the nation.


To make it easy for every Filipino to do business, create value in life of every Filipino consumer.